Sociological Empirical Research Methods in Academic Research Writing

Publish Time:2019-06-24 Author: Views:29

On June 16th, the 5th Applied Writing Lecture was given, entitled Sociological Empirical Research Methods in Academic Research Writing. Zhan Ning, Doctor of Communication Studies of Zhejiang University, was invited as the keynote speaker, Vice Professor Shen Zhuangjuan, dean of the department of Chinese Language and Literature, presided the lecture, and more than 150 students attended.

Dr. Zhan Ning explained the sociological empirical research methods in academic research writing. He argued that to research is to acquire knowledge; we are to research what we have  already known, but it is not enough—we are to explore the unknown, on the basis of the known. Dr. Zhan, using some very familiar examples, illustrated differences between logic in daily life and scientific researches. In the end, considering the specific academic writing, he vividly explained the logic and standards of academic writing, citing the example of academic stereotyped writing.

 “The academic writing is equal to the scientific exploration and review of the research. In this lecture, Dr. Zhan not only shared his writing experience, but also helped students better understand the entire academic research and the writing methodology, which has great influence on our academic research and paper writing. ” Shen Zhuangjuan, head of department of Chinese Language and Literature commented. Students were exposed to the latest methodology of American Sociology and had their horizon broadened; they learned how to conduct academic research and writing.

Dr. Zhan Ning, Doctor of Communication Studies in Zhejiang University, is currently pursuing his doctor degree of Sociology in Syracuse University. He graduated from China University of Petroleum, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature. His major research areas include medical sociology and history of communication thoughts.