Music Hall Lecture Held by College of Arts

Publish Time:2019-07-10 Author: Views:12

On June 4th, Music Hall Lectures—The Importance of Building Pluralistic Thinking Mode in Vocal Music Teaching was held in Classroom 129 of Music Department. This lecture was mainly given by Professor Wei Fanjian from Music Department, Shandong Normal University, and he is also vice president of Chinese Vocalists Association and director of Shandong Music Association. The attendants included president of Qingdao Vocal Music Association, vocal Professor Han Naishun from Qingdao University, Professors Sun Daodong, Zheng Lin and Sui Tiankai from China Ocean University, Professor Liu Shouchen, Vice Dean of the School of Art, Kuang Chuanying and Guan Chengfeng from Shandong University of Science and Technology and teachers and students from Music Department, China University of Petroleum.

In this lecture, Professor Wei focused on vocal teaching with pluralistic thinking mode-oriented. With humorous and accessible words, he used vivid metaphor to share his views on vocal teaching. He first pointed out the prerequisites for vocal—talent and physical quality. “Talent does not mean genius whom it takes innate condition and hard work to become”, said Professor Wei. Learning mainly depends on individual effort. Vocal music skills and methods mostly come from life. We have to adjust our singing ideas while practicing skills. Professor Wei used metaphor to tell us that singing should not only be based on feeling, but also make breathing adjustments according to the pitch and interval. At the end of the lecture, Professor Wei directed three music students with a demonstration.

Through the face-to-face teaching demonstration in this lecture, students realized the pluralism of vocal music and self-deficiency. They said they have gained a lot from the lecture and they would work harder from then on by implementing pluralistic thinking into daily study.