Delegation of Russian Postgraduates of China University of Petroleum Participated in the Fourth International Youth Summit Forum in Russia

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With the support of the graduate school, International Office, Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs and the College of Arts, under the invitation of Belgorod National University, the delegation of Russian postgraduates from the College of Arts participated in the Fourth International Youth Summit Forum of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Russia on May 30 to June 2.


The SCO International Youth Summit Forum aims to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of youth among the universities of the SCO member states, promote strategic international cooperation in academic field, innovate scientific and technological cooperation, facilitate cultural interaction among students of SCO member states, as well as promoting joint projects on education and humanitarian cooperation among SCO members, which are formulated and implemented with the participation of experts from various sectors. The summit forum was hosted by Belgorod National University and over 100 students from SCO member states attended the forum.


The delegation of  our college was warmly welcomed by the sponsors. From the arrival at Belgorod to the end of the forum, Belgorod national university arranged teacher and student representatives (students from our university) to go along. While successfully completing the activities of the forum, the delegation had close interaction with the Russian side, and fulfilled the expected goals, i.e. exchanging ideas with students from other SCO member states, strengthening the friendship between our university and the Belgorod national university and promoting educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia.

Many activities were arranged in the International Youth Summit Forum. On May 30, the delegation visited the Third Military Base Museum, appreciating the development history of Russian military culture. The opening ceremony of the Fourth International Youth Summit Forum was held on May 31, Альбина Бучек(Governor of Belgorod), Олег Полухин(President of Belgorod National University), Иван Кулабухов(Member of the State Duma Committee of the Russian Federation) attended the opening ceremony. They also showed their great affirmation to the achievements gained by the forum and placed great expectations. Group discussion was conducted on May 31, and three groups were divided centering on the spirit of the forum theme. The themes of the three groups are respectively the development of youth entrepreneurship within the framework of SCO countries, social cooperation and student self-management within the framework of SCO countries, and international scientific cooperation within the framework of SCO countries. The 11 postgraduates from the delegation of our school made group speeches according to the themes of their papers. After the discussion, the participants visited the Museum of Belgorod National University. On the morning of June 1, after each discussion groupd the Museum of Belgorod National University and gained a deeper understanding of  On the closing ceremony, Guo Jing, a representative of a group and Guan Qi, a representative of our delegation made concluding speeches. In the afternoon, the conferee visited Belgorod Botanical Garden. While appreciating the natural landscape of Russia, students from different countries were provided opportunities for communication. Our delegation communicated with students from other countries actively, making more like-minded friends. Afterwords, the conferee attended a dinner party. With international students singing and dancing, the forum ended in a harmonious atmosphere.


Our delegation benefited a lot from the forum. The forum not only broadens our self-cognition in academic discussions with students from other countries, but also provides reference and guidance for further academic development. Besides, our self-disciplined and unified action received high praise., After the forum, our delegation sent academic invitations to Belgorod National University and other participating universities to promote the communication and cooperation in higher education between China and Russia.