College of Arts And The GTCOM Held The Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Publish Time:2019-06-23 Author: Views:11

On June 21st, College of Arts and the Global Tone Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.(Qingdao) held the cooperation signing ceremony in the Room 358 of Art and Science Building. The meeting was chaired by Sun Daman, Deputy dean of College  of Arts, and the attendees included Lv Qian, the director of the company’s language product center, Li Huizi, the deputy director of the company, and Jiao Zongyan, the manager of the company, Wang Xinbo and Sun Daman, deputy deans of College of Arts, Chun Liu, director of Teaching Affairs Office, Lin Chao, deputy director of the Russian department and Mei Lin, the director of the student’s affairs department.


On behalf of the College of Arts, Sun Daman welcomed the arrival of Lv Qian and the delegation. Lv Qian gave a brief introduction on the basic information of the company to the teachers. Combining with cueernt trend and situation of the company, she shared the ideas of the future layout of the enterprise and expressed the expectations of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between the school and enterprise in the future. On behalf of the College, Wang Xinbo, deputy deans, thanked the company once again for the cooperation opportunities. He argued that the college should make joint efforts with the company to build a multiple platform and establish a flexible mechanism and cultivate industry elites in the new era under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative. Then, two sides signed the practice base agreement.


GTCOM (Qingdao) is a subsidiary of the China Translation Cooperation that is owned by the China Publishing Group Cooperation. Adhering to the linguistic date and service experience that its parent company has accumulated over the past four decades and integrating the leading technology in the field of natural language process, big date and the artificial intelligence, the company established the “Yi Jian”(译见)big date analysis platform, “Yi Yun”(译云)language date service platform, and “Yi Ku”(译库)professional tools platform. It’s the global leading provider of cross-language big date technologies and services.