Bai Yuqi from School of Foreign Studies Won the 17th UPC Presidential Award

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        The result of the 17th UPC Presidential Award came out, and Bai Yuqi, a junior undergraduate of the School of Foreign Studies majoring in English, was on the list. Bai said: “Every honor spurs me on in pursuit of excellence. I am and will always be proud to be a UPCer. I hope I can lead a team to make greater achievements and contributes more to my university in the future.”

Bai Yuqi, winner of the 17th UPC Presidential Award

"May we spend our youth without regrets and be our best." The honor of the Presidential Award encouraged him to continue his pursuit for excellence. As a probationary member of the Communist Party of China, Bai firmly stands in his ideals and beliefs, actively studies the theoretical knowledge of the CPC, applies theory to practice, and has participated in the Marxist Youth Training Project. He received a learning opportunity in Oxford University and University of Saskatchewan. During his stay in Oxford University, he won one of six “Best Essay Award” among around a hundred of students. During the outbreak of the Covid-19, he participated in the recording of Communist Youth League’s micro lesson entitled “the Anti-pandemic Battle of Post-90s”, and wrote the “Ode to the Day and Night” in praise of the anti-epidemic heroes on the front line.

Bai Yuqi won the "Best Essay Award" of Oxford University in 2018

With “Forging ahead and striving for excellence” as his motto, Bai has found his interest – Green Innovation. “We should make efforts to make the campus we live a better place.” He joined UPC’s Green Innovation Project team, and his experience convinced him that “One person can lead a group, and one group can make a difference to the world”. To build a green ecological campus, Bai, together with other team members, researched on energy conservation, environmental protection and green diet outlined by their project “GLOREES”.


Bai Yuqi interviewed by March for Science

Bai’s aim is to speak up for Chinese youth on the international stage. He’s made it! In September 2019, he participated in the UN Youth Climate Summit as the youth representative of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, where he shared the research experience and achievements of the Green Campus Project of UPC, and gave an introduction of the Green Campus Program to the youth envoy of the UN Secretary General and the administrator of UNDP. “We have also exchanged ideas with many environmental protection organizations and learned about their expectations for this UN climate summit, to ensure that the voice of our Chinese youth is heard on the UN stage.” At the conference, Bai’s story was covered by many domestic and foreign media, and was interviewed by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, UN News, VOA, etc.

Bai at the International Conference of Asia-Pacific Green Campus of 2019

He said, “Time planning is a very important skill.” Besides English courses, Bai also took a class of ACCA. In his spare time, he has participated in the translation of books such as EU Plastic Strategy and Junk Raft. In addition, as the captain of the college basketball and volleyball teams, he was responsible for organizing and planning for college sports activities. He strives for all-round development. “I do because I love and a sense of responsibility pushes me forward. Knowledge and experience come from practice.” With a sincere heart, he looks to the future and moves forward.

Photo of Bai and the Washington State Governor