The School of Humanities and Law wins three special projects in Social Science Planning and Research for Shandong Province in 2020

Publish Time:2020-10-22 Author:赵晓琳 Views:10

       Recently, the Shandong Provincial Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences published the 2020 List of Social Sciences Planning and Research Projects, as well as the list of proposed projects for backbone training in studying Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Among these are the three projects presented by Professor Mu Lixia, Associate Professor Ma Lili and Associate Professor Chen Aihua. Associate Professor Ma Lili's “Collation and Research of the Jiaozhou Annals during the Rule of Emperor Qianlong” is based on the “Jiaozhou Annals” during the rule of Emperor Qianlong. Associate Professor Chen Aihua focuses on the protection and active use of ancient architectural heritage in Shandong Province. Professor Mu Lixia focuses on the legislative norms and current status of judicial application for the crime of dereliction of duty in environmental supervision in China's criminal law. She selected representative dereliction of duty cases in environmental supervision from the Yellow River Basin provinces to anchor her study in determining the specific standard for judicial application of the crime of dereliction of duty in environmental supervision in the current criminal legal system.