Summer Holiday Cloud Academic Lecture Series: Associate Professor Chen Xinghua Talks About Legislating the Energy Law and Developing the Energy Law Discipline

Publish Time:2020-10-22 Author:赵晓琳 Views:10

On the morning of August 5th, Lecture No. 69 in the Summer Holiday Cloud Academic Lecture Series for Graduate Students was delivered via teleconference with sponsorship from the UPC (East China) School of Humanities and Law. Chen Xinghua, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Law Society’s Energy Law Research Association and Associate Professor from the North China University of Technology, was invited to present an academic lecture titled “Legislating the Energy Law and Developing the Energy Law Discipline”. Dean Sun Zengqin from the Department of Law presided over the lecture. More than 70 teachers and students from our school’s Department of Law, as well as energy law scholars from other Chinese universities, tuned in online. Centered around legislative issues with the Energy Law, Associate Professor Chen Xinghua introduced the draft law’s legislative history and basic chapters. During the interactive round, Associate Professor Chen Xinghua gave patient, measured responses to our questions ranging from the excessive consideration of administrative licensing in environmental and capital crimes to construction of the micro power grid. In closing, Mr. Dong Yan delivered a concluding speech, once again expressing welcome and thanks to Associate Professor Chen Xinghua.